About the Campaign

Celebrating City Women is a campaign initiated by the City of London Corporation which seeks to recognise the remarkable women who are connected to the Square Mile.

Building on Women: Work and Power in 2018, the City Corporation’s 2018 outdoor arts programme commemorating the beginning of women’s enfranchisement, this discovery and research project strives to better understand the City’s past.  

Celebrating City Women stems from the awareness that the commemoration of women has been traditionally lacking across the City’s streets, plaques and monuments,  history books and archives. This platform is a chance to unearth hidden stories and elevate the awareness of unsung heroes. It also helps to rectify the historical imbalance so that the role of women may be better represented and celebrated.

Research has been commissioned to help inform us about how women are currently recognised. This platform is now an opportunity for you to learn more and play your part in celebrating the remarkable individuals and groups who have delivered a positive impact to London, the UK and the wider world.

We invite you to nominate someone. We encourage you to be as generous and creative as possible in your contribution. By adding your knowledge to this online archive, you’ll also be enabling others to learn, explore and share extraordinary and inspiring stories.

For any questions about the campaign please contact [email protected].


The City of London Corporation

Our Vision

The City Corporation is the governing body of the Square Mile dedicated to a vibrant and thriving City, supporting a diverse and sustainable London within a globally-successful UK. We aim to:

By strengthening the character, capacity and connections of the City, London and the UK for the benefit of people who live, learn, work and visit. Find out more about our Corporate Plan.

The City of London

The City of London is also known as the Square Mile, the financial district and historic centre of London. It is one of the 33 areas with local authority responsibilities into which London is divided. Find out more about the City of London here.